(est. 1988, revised 1989)


1) Foster benevolent design development implementation applicationsand use of Home Oriented Informatics and Telematics (HOIT).

2) Encourage surveys and studies on HOIT.

3) Develop methodologies for studying social implications of HOIT.

4) Establish a global platform for interaction, exchange, joint initiativesand co-operation between such groups as:

- the end users of HOIT: members of households - industrial developersand designers of HOIT technology and related services - implementationdesigners - policy, decision making, social and consultative bodies - architectsand urban planners - scientists.


The social implications of informatics, communications and telematicsin the home, the family and its environment (HOIT); including

- actual and potential human usefulness of HOIT; - social impact ofthese technologies and their applications; - developments of the underlyinginfrastructure; - rationale in innovation and design processes; - dynamicsof technology development.

WG 9.3 explicitly cares about the position of and the potentials forvulnerable groups like children, less-educated, disabled, elderly and non-employedpeople, paid and non-paid workers at home, cultural minorities, unawareusers and others.

Chairman of the Working Group:  ?

For a short introduction by the former chairman read this: What is HOIT

For a recent statement by the present chairman read this: The future of WG 9.3

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