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Journal of Domestic Information Ecology



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Part I: Trends, Policies &Macromechanisms

Felix van Rijn
What is HOIT ?

Tarja Cronberg
The Social Construction of Home Technology X

J.C. Burgelman
Convergence and Trans European Networks: some policy problems

Nik & Ruby Roy Dholakia
Multimedia Technologies in the American Home: Prospects and Challenges ahead

Alladi Venkatesh
Cultural Dimensions of Household Technology Adaption: The Case of India

David Stodolsky
Computer-network based Democracy: Scientific Communication as a Basis for Governance

Finn Hansen
Social Construction of Home Electronic Worlds Based on a Historical Case

Alan Cawson
In Search of the Interactive Consumer: The Design and Development of Compact Disc-Interactive

Mads Christoffersen
User needs and telecommunication service provision in Denmark


Part II: A new Production

Norbert Szyperski
Domestic Information Economy - Tentative title

Richard Wise
A Cybernetic Paradigm for a Cyberspace Economy

Kresten Storgaard
Patterns of future Telecommunications

Gisela Lehmer
Using Modern Information and Communication Technologies in the Home
Breaking the Mold of the Economy of the Household

Walther Brenner & Lutz Kolbe
Future Business Spheres Arising from Computerized Information Processing in the Private Household

James W. Reese
Global Telework Using the Internet for the Home-Based Business

Hans-Dieter Zimmermann
TeleCounter: A Case Study on Integration of Private Households in Telematic Services

Peter Day & David Horner
Convivial Teleworking for Social and Economic Development

John W Bakke
Teleworking on the Domestic Scene

Carolien Metselaar & Marieke Poolman
Effects of Telework on the Job Structure in Organizations - a comparison of Case Studies

Monika Gatzke & Gisela Lehmer
Women as Entrepreneurs in using New IT in the Domestic Context


Part III: A new Consumption

Alex Bedrosian & Michael Bedrosian
Technology in the Home: A Benefit/Cost Analysis

Tibor Szentivanyi
Consequences of New Telematic Services and Information Flood reaching Homes

James Gips
Bringing the City into the Home: Trends in On-Line Services

Birgit Jæger
The Social Construction of Videotex in Denmark

Monika Gatzke & Kurt Monse
Beyond Technological Competence. Boundaries of Technological Penetration of Everyday Life

Andrew Tokmakoff & J. Billington
Consumer Services in Smart City Adelaide

Richard Ling & Ragna Brekka
The Effects of Catalogue Information on the Perceptions and Use of Norwegian Premium Rate Services

Gerda Casimir
The Influence of Telematics on the Household

Gerald Steinhardt
The Domestic Computer: Computer Usage by Adolescents in Everyday Life Sociocultural Impact and Implications on Design

Jeff Taylor
Multimedia Design for IT Impact Assessment in Education, Research and at Home

Dusan Jokanovic
Mediators in Home-Oriented Information Delivery Systems

Robin Penner, Robert P. Goldman and John Kimball
Agent-Based Systems for the Home

Niels V. Carlsen, H. Dieterich & M. Schneider-Hufschmidt
A Multi-Modal Evolving Personal Information Manager


Part IV: On the Inside - Domestic Spaces

Roger Silverstone
In the Eye of the Storm: the Domestication of Information and Communication Technologies - Present and Future

Leslie Haddon & Roger Silverstone
The Careers of Information and Communication Technologies in the Home

Christopher P Avram
Availability, Useability and Utilisation of Information Technology in Australian Homes

Børre Ludvigsen
The Digital Family

Terje Rasmussen
Communication Technologies and the Contextualization of Daily Life

David Poulson & Simon Richardson
Is Home Technology the Answer to the Needs of the Elderly?

Helle Villumsen, Kirsten Schultz-Larsen, Ivor Ambrose & Georg Gottshalk
The Elderly, Communication Technologies and Housing: A Scoping Project

Kresten Bjerg
Domestic Information Dynamics and the Virtual Home

Bjørn Nake
Cyberspace and the "Lived Space"

Bror Westman
Home: Recharging and Creating Symbols - Two Time Aspects of the Home

Yves Punie
The Diffusion of Information and Communication Technology in the Micro-Context of the Home: a User-Led Approach and Conceptual Issues

Part V: A New Construction

David Fanshawe
Home Systems

David Skinner
Computerized Homes: Visions and Realities

Gregory Wilpert, Sibylle Meyer & Eva Schulze
Smart Homes: On the Development, Acceptance, and Consequences of Integrated Systems in the Household

Pierre Rossel
From Intelligent Homes to Intelligent Cities - the Interactivity Threshold

M. C. Maguire & L. M. Butters
Usage Behavior and Attitudes in Operating Home Electronic Devices

Joseph Riolo
Interactive TV: Looking Into the Future

Luigi Colazzo & Andrea Molinari
A Prototype for Distance Education Using Hypertexts

Adam Stork & John Long
A Planning and Control Design Problem in the Home: Rationale and a Case Study

Pierre deVries
Home Information Systems and Services

Michael Gritzman, Anders Kluge, Hilde Lovett & Trond Bechmann
Design Principles for the Human-Computer Interaction on a Screen-Based Telephone

Åse Brandt
The Telephone for All

Georg Strøm
The Integrated Multimedia Terminal

Andy Sloane
Homelink: Technical Considerations and Proposals

Part VI: Here and Now (1994!)

Flemming Skude
A Presentation of the Villa Vision - Ecological House of the Future

Kresten Bjerg
A Presentation of the Experimental Home of the 90's

Danish Ministry of Finance
Committee to look into the Information Technology Society

Kresten Bjerg
Private Homes and Neighbourhoods: Agenda for a Long-Term Information Technology Policy