Journal of Domestic Information Ecology

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It shall contain the front door to our new domain-specific and strictly research-oriented interactive electronic forum. Live in-flesh conferences are nice, but expensive and time-demanding, - and most of what happens evaporates, most of the threads spun have to be left blowing in the wind. We hope our efforts can establish some kind of sedimenting continuity, and, in the long run, also some kinds of social coherence. Keep in touch, if you are a researcher and have an open mind. And dont consider english as the only language of this experimental home in the global village.

There is not yet an "Editorial" , but you can move into the midst of things by clicking on one of the buttons below.

OIKOS , largely papers from the HOIT 94 Conference in Copenhagen

HOIT , concerning the IFIP Technical Committee 9 workinggrup nr. 3 on Home-Oriented Informatics and Telematics

an elaborate exposition of the subject matters of relevance here
( To be made annotable by visitors, as an experiment i CSCW)

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