Welcome to the site of Kresten Bjerg, retired researcher from the Department of Psychology, KU



                 A site concerning human aspects of domestic information and comunication technologies

This site was founded in 1997, on the basis of the Cross-disciplinary International Working Conference "Home-Oriented Informatics, Telematics & Automation" which we organized  in Copenhagen in 1994. It related to the IFIP Working group 9.3 HOIT.

It served as a basis for research in the "Experimental Home", and as a resource for teaching an advanced course in "Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology".

It has since 1999, ( where the Experimental Home facility had to be closed for economic reasons, and Kresten Bjerg as a result chose an early retirement) served as a receptacle for later publications, and linked to "www.phenomenalog.dk" where the further development of the public research tool "Phenomenalog" is being documented.

A danish site for possible collaboration was established 2011-2012 : "Borgerdagbog - Brugerdreven udvikling af freeware tværplatform program"

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(The  architecture and layout of this site has been  totally redesigned in April 2008 )